Our Mission

There is so much happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we love it all! We will be bringing you reviews and discussion of all the upcoming Marvel Studios movies, TV Shows, Netflix Originals, One-Shots….  In short, we will be your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios.  We love this stuff and we want to come along side all of our Marvel fan brethren and sistren out there to show our love in mass.  ASSEMBLE!

8 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Hey MCU Cast!

    Like you guys, I was very concerned about how the enlarging disk just magically made the regulator go in reverse. Upon my second viewing of Ant-Man, I came up with a theory to help explain this. There was the scene where Scott was tinkering around with the regulator, but Hank told him the dangers and to keep it how it was. Scott replies “Well, if it ain’t broke”. (Such a good scene, btw.) This scene seems to imply that Hank had never fixed the regulator to enable it to go to the quantum realm. I believe that later, after Hank tells us of how he lost his wife to the quantum realm, Scott started to brainstorm a solution. I think that, using his electrical engineering skills, he did tinker with the regulator in secret, and enabled it to connect with the enlarging disk. I don’t think Scott thought it would 100% work, but I think he had the foresight to do some preparation.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! I am trying to do a podcast with a few friends of mine, so I know how much work you guys put into yours.

    – Josh, of the Random Fandom Show

    (P.S. Did you guys catch the reflection of a figure on Scott’s helmet as we was entering the quantum realm? I would like to hear your speculation on who it could be.)


  2. I think Iron Fist is the “big show” in this phase of Marvel Netflix. In Daredevil. we get teased by Madame Gao’s reference to K’un Lun. In Jessica Jones, we meet Danny Rand’s lawyer and Jessica tries to book a flight to Hong Kong. And, in season 2 of Daredevil, I believe we are supposed to meet Ran’s friend on NYPD. These shows are not tying together so much as they seem to be finding their way back to the Martial Artist.


  3. Hey guys, have been lowing the podcast for the past few weeks. You made me so excited to go back and rewatch phase one and I loved it even more this time through with your commentary. So one thing I was wanting you to mention but it didn’t get brought up was hoe there is (again) a government agents, the ATCU, being controlled by hydra! Almost old hat now I know but what are your thoughts on the implications of that and S.H.I.E.L.D relationship with the ATCU. Will Roslin lake names and retool or it hydra to deep and the ATCU is now exclusively under there console? Thanks for keeping me up to date and excited about the MCU. Stay classy true believers.


  4. I like you guys. I just wanted to leave a comment, and I’m not sure if this is the right forum for doing this, but here I go. I’m a army veteran of 12 years, and I just wanted to comment on the poster that is seen in the endgame trailer. This type of poster is a very common thing in the army in support groups and at hospitals, where they are not required to ask you (EVERY TIME YOU GET ANY TYPE OF HEALTH CARE) if you’re depressed and suffering from PTSD type symptoms. The poster depicts an old man who is the typical veteran, even though with our 15 year current war we have veterans of all ages. The man is standing in formation, which is a daily part of life in the military, but as you can see his squad-mates are just shadows. Because, even before the snappening, people died in wars. Crazy. Still like you guys, but I think you guys get wrapped around the Axel focusing on the avengers and trying to relate everything to the avengers. Most people in the world (as my wife commented) aren’t going to even care about the avengers, because they’re going to be worried about their sister, mother, father, or little brother that just disappeared. Who cares about the avengers and making a poster to commemorate them when my wife just disappeared a week after we got married??? right? OK. Keep up the good work.


  5. Hey guys,

    I have been listening to the cast since avengers 1, but first time writing in. I agree with Jeff 97% of the time and Matt 94% of the time, so I am more of a “Jeff”… but I would love to hear both your feedbacks. Up to this point I have watched all of the movies and only 2 of the shows (all of Agents of Shield and Daredevil seasons 1-2). I know before the 3rd season of daredevil there were several other netfilx shows that were released… but my question is what order should I watch the remaining shows (ex. Jessica Jones, Punisher, Iron Fist, Daredevil S.3, Defenders, Agent Carter, Luke Cage, etc.).

    Thank you both and if you Bifrost to central Wisconsin, hit me up

    I love you 3000,


  6. Hey MCUCAST!!
    I was just thinking about your last podcast about bringing in young heroes to the marvel cinematic universe and I was just wondering how long do you guys think it would take till they bring in New Warriors? Would like to see Squirrel Girl or Mr. Immortal make an appearance. Anyways keep up the good work guys.


  7. Hey guys, listening to your latest feedback episode of the Xmen movies on Bingers and it got me thinking. Considering the budgets they are using for falcon and winter solider etc, what if when they bring the xmen into the mcu they do it on Disney + via live action series! That way they could really take the time to develop the characters, all the characters as there’s so many involved with xmen. Also means they could pull any each of those characters into a future mcu movie without having to have them all at the same time!
    Keep up the good work guys, loving your quarantine podcasts


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