Spider-man: far from home

Matt and Jeff give their thoughts on the new Spider-man: Far From Home!

One thought on “Spider-man: far from home

  1. Hey, haven’t left feedback in some time, wanted to for Endgame, but I loved the meta easter eggs in Far From Home! From the news report in the beginning to the ad on the street at the end that said “We can’t wait to show you what’s coming!” or something close to that… You could see the ad in the background in NYC as Peter was swinging down to the street level. And then of course, J. Jonah Jameson as played by J.K. Simmons. Such good stuff. So great. I also had a little feedback to Matt about Beck being upset over losing some tech. It wasn’t that the tech was a secret, it was that they were using tech secretly to create the illusions. An illusionist doesn’t want the audience to know what kind of mundane technology may be fooling them, he just wants them fooled, so even if the tech is known to the world, the world doesn’t know it’s what is giving Mysterio his “abilities”, and since it had their projections programmed in, it obviously links back to Mysterio. It’s right there in the movie, Matt! Didn’t even need your triple-barrelled headcannon( MCU, ST, OU 😀 ). One more thing, the callbacks were amazing. The scientist that got yelled at in Iron Man! He was the same actor, and in fact was a producer for Iron Man AND >>>>> Played Ralphie in the Christmas Story! My wife actually figured it out during the Mysterio test scene (testing damage levels and the projections in that warehouse). I looked it up during the credits: Peter Billingsley playing William Ginter Riva, same actor, same character … FROM THE FIRST MCU MOVIE. The MCU is killing it with continuity and callbacks, even with any silly errors that happen to pop up. Love your guys’ casts, always look forward to them and hope to keep listening for a long time. Excelsior!


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