Avengers: Endgame-Instant Take

It’s finally here! We’ve seen Endgame!

2 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame-Instant Take

  1. Hey guys. Live the cast. Only been listening since shortly after infinity war was released, but you are my go to for awesome MCU discussions. As for Endgame all I can say is my mind is blown! The hubby and I watched in 3D and 2D back to back and honestly I am so happy I got to see it again right way so I could catch a bunch of new things I missed. I just had one big issue that kept me up last night. How did Cap return all the stones, in particular those that weren’t stones in their original timeline? The only way I resolve it is to say that his first stop is to trade the stones for the original item (Loki’s Scepter, the tesseract, the aether, etc) with everyone just before the make the glove just before they are bombed. That works right? Please tell me it’s plausible, because I need sleep and I can’t continue to work this out in my head every night.


  2. Love your show! Keeps me sane for hours in Orlando traffic. Saw endgame and loved it but a couple of things. Did not think they did justice to cap and Bucky’s relationship. Winter soldier was all about their friendship. Cap was willing to die for him. Why not a better goodbye? Really wanted Bucky to pick up the shield to honor his friend and atone his sins but I get that he doesn’t really play well with others. On a completely different subject, disappointed at lack of merch. Can’t believe I’m saying that. No cups in theater, no tshirts, nothing, at least in mine. Huge missed opportunity. Like a rock concert I wanted to commemorate this moment. Thanks for all you do.


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