How will Avengers: Endgame End?

So much endgame talk! So many shows on Disney Plus!

3 thoughts on “How will Avengers: Endgame End?

  1. Hey guys. Love your show. Was enjoying the latest podcast, theorizing what we could see in Endgame.
    I agree with the circulating conventional wisdom that the team will have to fight Thanos more than once. BUT, I think it’s interesting that everyone assumes they’ll fail the first time. Maybe at the beginning of the film, they do fight him, and they beat him (Captain Marvel DOES make the difference), but for whatever reason, the gauntlet/stones are de-powered or defunct and can’t be used to reverse the snap, and they’re forced to try to move on with their lives. THEN it’s not til years later, Scott’s time vortex spits him out then, and that’s when they conceive of the plan to use the Q realm to go back and fix everything. Then they’d have to actually beat Thanos AGAIN in the past. Let me know what you think! Keep it up.


  2. Wanda Vision sounds too much like Wonka Vision. Just saying.

    Destroying the Infinity gauntlet blows a hole into the Negative Zone and Annihilation Wave comes flying out of there? Thoughts?


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