Endgame tickets are hard

We talk about the newest endgame trailer and lots of your feedback!

2 thoughts on “Endgame tickets are hard

  1. Agree with the Ultron end credit scene! It doesn’t fit at all in that movie. If they wanted to include it, they should have put it on guardians because then at least Ronan failed to deliver the infinity stone in that movie so Thanos saying he’ll do it himself makes sense after he was let down. At no point in AoU was Thanos trying to get a stone


  2. I just got into your podcast on Spotify. I’m fascinated with all things MCU and I have been chipping away at the episodes you all have released especially those associated with Endgame. I have been watching fan reaction videos to trailers on YouTube and everything and no one has talked at all about the fact that in the tv spot with Thor accepting Carol Danvers that in the first version we got Mjölnir and the most recent ones we got Stormbreaker. Why do you guys think that is? Some time travel shenanigans? Poor editing by someone at marvel?
    Also regarding Endgame have you all heard the theory that when they go back in time that they effect the timeline without changing the events of any of the films to mess with continuity. Such as Tony going back in time and being the one who directly kills his father. I hope this happens as I know after 22 movies that Fiege knows what he is doing and wouldn’t mess up continuity.
    Hope all is well! Looking forward to the future and more episodes. 🙂


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