Marvel Throw-downs We Want To See

Thanks to a comissioned episode from our friend Geoffrey James, we bring you this episode about the one on one fights we want to see!

If you want to comission an episode go to and make a pledge at the 3 or 4 buck level!


One thought on “Marvel Throw-downs We Want To See

  1. Naaa… you want Tony doing something extreme to get everyone back from the snap, that the others think is beyond the pale – that’s my ideal for kicking off a fight between him and Spidey!

    Tony is on the receiving end not the decision making end of “give Thanos the stone or else so-and-so dies” so doesn’t get a chance to ask or answer the “do we trade lives” question – and a bit of me sort of thinks it’d be in his character to answer differently from most of the other heroes of the piece.


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