S.H.I.E.L.D. S05 Finale!

Oh My! Big Finale of Season 5!


3 thoughts on “S.H.I.E.L.D. S05 Finale!

  1. I’m pretty sure the moment that changed the timeline was Coulson’s action of not taking the serum, and putting in Daisy’s gauntlet. That means everything after Daisy got off the quinjet is a different timeline.


  2. I was also really hoping for an Infinity War tie-in, and the only thing I was hoping for/expecting was a brief stinger showing the aftermath of Thanos’ actions. Knowing the episode now, I feel like in the time they had from Infinity War to episode release, they could have filmed a scene with Deke at a bar, have some law-enforcement person (He’s likely still wanted) say something like “You’ll have to come with me”, and then that person and half the people around him disappear as he takes another swig of Zima with a shocked look on his face. That would show some fallout of the movie, while allowing for them to work out a script of how to deal with it all in a more satisfying way for next season. I’ll be so mad if they just completely cop-out next season. What, is the opening scene of the next season going to be one of the cast saying, “Phew… You guys disentegrated! But now you’re back! I’ve been stuck in space for so long!” ? No, Jed. No!. Je-ed….! .. Don’t you… do i… . No!


  3. I was so curious to see how they were going to tie in IW with AOS and was left confused for a bit. Till, I thought, wouldn’t it be the ultimate spoiler to Avengers 4 that they in fact ultimately change the timeline to prevent Snapture? Therefore, what we’re watching in AOS is that corrected timeline. Hence, no need to show Snapture of any sort! Plus, I really have all faith that the Avengers will find a way to defeat Thanos. #truebeliever

    Also, didn’t all of Deke’s things just disappear, leaving the tool that Grandpa Fitz gave him that Jemma picked up? If he was travelling the world, I’m sure he would take that most important token of affection from Grandpa? So, that must be the scene that confirms Deke’s blinking out of existance. #Dekewillbemissed #hepracticallysavedeveryonebysavingdaisyonmulitipleoccasions

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