Avengers: Infinity War Feedback

So much more to talk about! Dig deep into Infinity War With us!


2 thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War Feedback

  1. I believe the first time he ignored his destiny was in saving his own planet. It’s explained after this scene, so it only really makes sense to him as he’s saying it but we learn when he’s talking to Tony when he ignored his destiny.


  2. GUys! Spock logic is awesome. But you missed it. Peter Quill pulled the trigger on Ghomara but the bubbles came out. The one hero getting the most crap in the Twittersphere for losing his cool in Thanos is the only one that traded a life: or was willing. By the way, why not cut Thanos arm off instead of pull the glove? Because it was Avengers 3 not 2 (like empire???) hmmmm


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