Jessica Jones S02E01

It’s national women’s day! Let’s celebrate with some Jessica Jones!


2 thoughts on “Jessica Jones S02E01

  1. Hey guys.
    A few notes on your coverage, which I do appreciate (and which I promise to patron after I write this and get some time to review your system), but your analysis needs a bit more refining before I make make my patronage regularly:
    # 1) Cmon, Griffin being a bad guy is too obvious. It’s a red herring. This show’s niche is Noir mystery, so a red herring will be introduced early on to defy your expectations. The real threat is an emerging Hellcat.

    #2) the “hulk” imagery does not mean banner is showing up. Stop being a fanboy and analyze it. Have some respect for the show. It’s IMAGERY. An ALLUSION to iconic Hulk imagery would indicate similar THEMES to TIH, not a hint to fanboy dreams.
    Which brings me to…

    #3) This season’s theme is clearly ANGER. And since last season had strong themes of DENIAL (denying Kilgrave was dead/real, denying friendships and companions, denying her responsibility/initially just wanting to run away, not find him), I think we can safely assume the creators are making each season’a theme (potentially 5 of them? This is MY turn to be a fanboy) representative of the five stages of grief. Thoughts?


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