12-7-17 News and Feedback

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2 thoughts on “12-7-17 News and Feedback

  1. I have a similar viewer relationship with Bucky and Sam that Matt expresses here. I like Sam because he’s been able to talk about his own self and the reasoning behind his interactions with Steve and why he would take up with the Avengers, whereas Bucky’s actions are easily explained only by his character’s natural reaction of self-preservation. Most of Bucky’s lines are story exposition, not character development. I do hope that Bucky gets his due in Infinity War (and beyond! (tee-hee)). I want to care more about him because as little as his character is developed, his character is absolutely pivotal in two of the very best chapters of the MCU.


  2. What if (hopefully after recasting most roles) Deadpool just breaks the fourth wall for a 5+ minute monologue comedically how this new cast of x-men and the fantastic 4 are now in the MCU and we’re all just going to pretend it’s how it’s always been and run that before any relevant films?

    I think normal people would be ok with it and most fans would stand up and cheer when they saw it


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