Inhumans in IMAX



3 thoughts on “Inhumans in IMAX

  1. Totally unrelated to Inhumans. Here’s a thought, do you guys remember how The Winter Soldier really affected Agents of Shield. It made it a very different show. I feel like they might go down that road with Infinity War. This might impact the show because of the Agents going to space. I could be wrong though, since I’m only up to s2 of AOS, I’ve just heard this whole Agents in space thing. Love the pod guys:)


  2. Hey guys, been listening to the pod for a couple weeks. Was interested in hearing your thoughts on the Inhumans IMAX release. Went with my brother that Friday night when it first released. Only about 7-8 people in the theater including my brother and myself for a 9 pm show. Only bright points of the experience was getting to see both the Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok trailers on the IMAX screen. Also, the theater lost power and we weren’t able to finish the entire screening, so we thankfully got our money back. It was terrible. Low budget, terrible story, very little to enjoy about this new Marvel endeavor. They rushed this and it shows.


  3. I have been listening to you for awhile. I like how you always stay upbeat and at least one of you always seem versed in the source material. However, both of you seem to have little knowledge of the Inhumans. First, the Inhumans are not “superheroes” in most of their stories. They will do heroic things but are really not superheroes. I haven’t seen the show yet but from your conversation it sounds like they took large chunks from “Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee”. This is the definitive Inhumans book. I recommend whole heartedly that you read this book. Its not that long and will open your mind to everything that is Inhuman. Also check out War of Kings its not as good but it is a fun read.


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