News and Feedback 9-8-17

All the news for you guys! Plus feedback including more Defenders Feedback.

And as requested here’s a veiwing order for the MCU

And here’s a chronological order of the MCU


One thought on “News and Feedback 9-8-17

  1. Here is a thought for retconning secret invasion by the skrulls given the current MCU continuity. So we have a fixed point in time with the Starks dying. What if, when Winter Soldier kills them, he leaves them just like he did in the video in Civil War. Now, SHIELD and Nick Fury would have investigated the crime scene since Howard was a memeber of SHIELD. When the bodies of the Starks are taken to the SHIELD morgue and an autopsy is conducted, the bodies then revert back to the Skrull form. This could then easily get covered up by Fury and kept under wraps as he investigates. Given that Captain Marvel will happen in the 90s, the timeline would line up nicely. Also, it could show that the Skrulls replaced the Starks after Howard sent Tony to boarding school. This would also give Fury a nice tie in as the man on the wall that has been keeping an eye on enhanced individuals given his interactions with the Kree, Skrulls and Captian Marvel. Thoughts?


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