7.14.17 News and Feedback

Matt and Jeff Bring you all your news and you bring all your feedback!


3 thoughts on “7.14.17 News and Feedback

  1. Hey guys, Spider-Man: Homecoming was so great! A few neat surprises that you didn’t mention yet was seeing Pepper Potts again. Do you think Tony was about to have Peter reveal his Spidey identity to the world like in the Civil War comics? Wouldn’t he have to if Spider-Man went public because of the Sokovia Accords? I’m not positive about this but I assume that any enhanced individuals who adhere to the Accords would have to disclose their true identity. Glad that didn’t happen though.

    As for an extra movie from the original four Avengers that I’d like to see, I would go with Hulk. How cool would it be to see Ross become Red Hulk and form the Thunderbolts, have She Hulk show up and have Banner become Grey Hulk? He could finally have complete control over the Hulk and Hulk could have actual intelligent dialogue! Just imagine the possibilities! This will probably never happen because of the rights issue, but in a perfect world, that’s what I would want. Keep it real guys, peace.

    PS Do you guys have an email or is this the only way to leave a longer comment than Twitter allows?


  2. Hey guys, enjoy your podcast. Here is my writers room ideal for when Tony Stark meets Rocket. The Guardians land on earth, everyone is intrigued by the green woman, the gray guy or the walking tree, however Tony would be mostly interested in one thing. The interstellar spaceship directly in front of him. As everyone moves away Tony asks Quill if he can go onboard and take a quick look see. Quill says sure, to make himself at home that Rocket is still inside checking out the engine. Tony walks on board and shouts for Rocket. Rocket is down in a small crawl space where he can’t be seen. Rocket shouts back hey, you must be one of Quill’s earth friends, he ask if Tony could toss him down a tool that he left up on the deck. Tony surmises to Rocket what the use of the tool would be for as he tosses down the crawlspace. Rocket responds with hey, that’s right, according to Quill you earth guys are still riding around on horses. Rocket goes on to explain that no ship this small has its own hyperdrive that they use a stargate system and that Rocket could even fashion a computer link to allow an earth ship to travel in this way. At this time Rocket is finished making his checks and is emerging from the crawl space, Tony now sees that the thing, that was giving him more scientific knowledge about the universe than any other entity was in fact a raccoon. Tony pauses for only a moment and goes into his next line of questions. You see, at his roots Tony is a gearhead. After years of being the foremost expert in the world in this field he meets someone who knows more than he does as Rocket is also a tech expert. It means little to Tony that he is talking to a Raccoon as much as his need to increase his knowledge of the universe. I can see they carry on their conversation outside the ship while everyone else’s collective jaws are on the floor.


  3. I love this podcast! You guys are great! I have an idea for Peter Parker / Miles Morales, and I thought of it before I saw the movie, so no spoilers are in it, because my mind hadn’t been exposed to that beautiful screen of magic yet. Anyway, I think it would be cool if one of them, more likely Peter (cause it seems he might be older maybe? but either one…), was sent to space to be a part of the cosmic side of things, as I know there are cosmic stories that featuring Spider-man, AND Feige has made it clear that the cosmos are becoming a larger part of the stories down the line.


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