Iron Fist Episode 2

Matt and Jeff get all spoilery on episode 2 of Iron Fist!


One thought on “Iron Fist Episode 2

  1. After episode 2, I’m loving this show. I sort of get the critics that call it slow which is exactly what I was worried about when he went into the asylum, plus it being an origin story but I love how they’re doing it.

    When you read comics, you don’t usually get to be lucky enough to jump on at the origin point. You just start reading and piece it together as you go and that’s what we’re doing here and it’s great. We’re following Danny in the now, yet every time he tells his story more comes out. It feels like we know nothing yet we already have been told about Kun Lun, the Crane mother, the dads involvement in the Hand, pretty much everyone knows he’s Danny, they tell us he’s the only one to Edward the Hand. For a show that can on one hand seem like nothing has happened, SO much has been revealed and I think that’s the stuff most critics probably weren’t picking up on when giving this show a negative review.

    Bill Taylor


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