Comic-con News! And Daredevile S02 Feedback

Matt and Jeff talk about all the things from SDCC and catch up on all the feedback!


One thought on “Comic-con News! And Daredevile S02 Feedback

  1. Hey Matt and Jeff this podcast is amazing. I’m so glad I found it, like shoop shoop de woop woop!! (I hope that sounds funny when you read it). I’ve only been listening to your podcast for a few months but loving it so far. My question is, have you ever discussed the MCU tie-in comics that are technically part of the MCU? I’m not talking about adaptations of the movies but separate stories that are supposed to take place in the MCU. Here is a good list of them:
    They showcase villains that are never mentioned in the movies, like the Melter in Iron Man: The Coming of the Melter. If you have discussed these before then can you direct me to which podcast episode that was? Keep up the good work guys. Peace out.


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