Captain America: Civil War Feedback

Matt and Jeff read your feedback and give you some of their own.


3 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Feedback


    “Does anybody have any orange slices?” — one of my favorite lines from CA:CW — refers to a practice of recreation league sports parents and coaches, who, during time-outs or halftime, would give kids orange slices to make sure that everyone’s electrolyte level was sufficient. Now we have Gatorade; back in the day, we had orange slices.


  2. The murder was caught on tape because they had just left a shield compound and were outside the fence but were still on cctv, Standard shield sop, That Winter Soldier is bold indeed to kill them right outside shield.


  3. With the Avengers disassembled and friendships in tatters, do you think it would be a good time to bring in Tony Stark’s alcoholism to the MCU storyline?


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