Agent Carter Season 2 begins!

Matt and Jeff get down on some news and talk about the premiere of Agent Carter Season 2!


One thought on “Agent Carter Season 2 begins!

  1. I think you missed the mark on Agent Carter the character. This show is set in an innocent time, and Carter has a number of relationships that are confusing her — Mr & Mrs Javis, Sousa, Dr Wilkes, not to mention Dottie. She seems okay with sexism and confident in her place yet racism sets her to violence (“I could use a hobby.”) These episodes were about Carter and her place in the world. She has to figure that out AND save it.
    My wife and I think this is a great start to the season. It feels like the old Wonder Woman. A strong female character in a post-war era before things really changes for women and minorities. It is a deep show.
    Further, we know Carter has at least 2 secrets we are watching for…
    1. To who does she marry? We know from Winter Soldier that his unit was saved by Cap, but that could mean any soldier; both Wilkes and Sousa fit.
    2. How does she found SHIELD really? Does she get duped into accepting HYDRA into the ranks, or are there forces beyond Carter that make that happen?
    These episodes just make us want to know those answers more!

    Thanks for sharing you thoughts. Love the cast. I look forward to next week.


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