Jessica Jones Clips Revealed! S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E08

Matt and Jeff talk about all of Marvel News for this week and this really killer episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!


One thought on “Jessica Jones Clips Revealed! S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E08

  1. Ok first…my last name is pronounced “Seebin”, but it’s my married name so I can’t really be offended. Good effort 😉

    Alsooo big WOMP WOMP on the “good thing Andrew was put into the suspension gel”. Foot in mouth. It is sad that while Andrew has the conversation with Ward you can see first hand how Andrew’s opinion has changed of Shield now. I was sad. Because you know that the real Andrew is probably not coming back now…ever. Again, poor May. But I do have to say that her actions are very commendable. She didn’t play the “but I love him, don’t hurt him” card; she was responsible and did what she believed needed to be done so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

    I really can’t jump on board with your whole “Ward is an awesome villian” thing…I think he’s been an overly cheesy character and I just want him to be gone so we can move on. Maybe it’s just because I have an overwhelming urge to falcon punch him right in the dick. I hope Mallick is planning on leaving Ward on the other planet when they attempt to bring back their “leader”. But at this point he has been in the show for too long to just have him simply die off. He has to be serving a bigger purpose here somehow. Or else we will have gone through three seasons of building up this villian who ends up being just a sadistic ass-hat with a gun who wants to control people, and in that case he should head on over to DC and join the Suicide Squad.

    Now…I’m a little confused as to what Hydra’s real end goal is. If this mysterious leader on the other planet is involving an army of Inhumans, what are they going to do? Does the Hydra on Earth even know what the end goal is or are they blindly following this leader of theirs?
    In Winter Soldier we learn about “Project Insight” from the computerized Dr Zola in the underground Hydra bunker. What he says is that humanity can’t be trusted with freedom, so Hydra is taking it away by force. So..what do you think this “leader” of Hydra is trying to do, if an army of Inhumans is being created for them? Is it gonna go all X-Men on us and be Good Inhumans vs Bad Inhumans? Is Thanos involved in this? Is the Hydra leader actually Mistress Death on this other planet? Will the Infinity Wars happen because Thanos wants to destroy the Earth to appease Mistress Death because he’s in love with her? Are they planning on wiping out mankind? Because the Inhumans movie is scheduled for AFTER Infinity Wars: Part 2, and at this point the original Avengers line up is pretty much dead in the comics. What do you guys think?

    Ha, hilarious that Mark Dacascos is an Inhuman on this show. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. Food Network for the win.


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