Spiderman has been Cast!

We have our new Spiderman! Matt and Jeff talk about the future of Marvel and respond to your Daredevil feedback.


2 thoughts on “Spiderman has been Cast!

  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks for producing a weekly podcast all about the MCU. I will admit to be a Marvel zombie, but I will still disagree about your Antman complaints. The action presented in the IMAX teaser was IMO legitimately funny, particularly the twist with the prison fight and the reveal of Scott lang’s first post prison job. I don’t really understand what you mean by it not being “original”. How many movies introduce the hero getting his butt kicked? It was pretty easy to tell that you aren’t willing to give this movie a chance so far and are way too hung up over the Edgar Wright situation. Let it go Matt, let it go.


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