Netflix’s Daredevil Episode 7

Matt and Jeff discuss the the appearance of STICK! This episode set up a whole new direction for the show and we know this is going to lead to great things in the future of the MCU.


One thought on “Netflix’s Daredevil Episode 7

  1. I would happily leave a review on itunes, but fuck itunes. However, i would give you a five star review if I was on that platform. I listened to your cast starting from the beginning, and have finally caught up. A few thoughts: as a bigger guy myself, I slightly enjoy hearing about your weight-loss efforts. I don’t want that to be the focus of your shows, but occasionally hearing about your success is heartening. I would like to see pictures of you before and after. I want you to be Starlord and Drax (or Kingpin and Kingpin)!

    I want to say that I hate Gotham. I gave it a shot, got 6 or 8 episodes in, and can’t get into it at all. Maybe I just don’t like the fact that there is no Batman (although I actually don’t like Batman), but Daredevil has been a much better Batman than anything I’ve seen so far. Honestly, the only Batman I liked was the 60s version.

    Arrow and Flash are fun (and VERY soap opera-y).

    I am listening to your most recent “regular” podcast (the one about Agents of Shield), and I don’t want to hear you on other shows unrelated to Marvel. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to you guys, but there is enough in the MCU for you guys to talk about that you shouldn’t go to other stuff.

    Okay, I think that is it it. Daredevil rocks. Agents of Shield is pretty great, and I am looking forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, I look forward to hearing from you guys on the air (so to speak). It will be the first time I have heard my feedback read “live”.

    P.S. I will happily eat the “Fitz Sandwich” with you. Sounds delicious.


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