Agent Carter Season 1 Finale

Time to wrap up Agent Carter Season 1. Come along with us as we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this new Marvel Show.


One thought on “Agent Carter Season 1 Finale

  1. Hello! Love the podcast and listen every week. I just listened to the latest episode and wanted to say I don’t share your view on the Agent Carter finale. My husband and I loved it, and even though we knew Peggy/Jarvis/Howard would all survive, we were still gripped by what was happening on screen. The story of this season has been a great way to start filling in what happened after the first Capt America film and how the storylines set in the current day MCU have been set up.

    I am in no way a Marvel nerd (never read any of the comics before getting into the films, beginning with Iron Man) but after doing some digging around online, I’ve discovered that Dr Ivchenko (aka Johann Fennhoff) is actually a Marvel/Captain America villain called Doctor Faustus (this was given away in a previous episode when Ivchenko was shown reading the Christopher Marlowe play Doctor Faustus). Fennhoff being placed in the cell with Zola at the end is obviously telling as his mind-manipulation techniques could have been used by HYDRA eventually to brainwash Bucky Barnes into becoming the Winter Soldier, and in Whitehall developing the Faustus machine to use on HYDRA operatives in Agents of SHIELD. So it gave us some great deep continuity – which is what we all love about the MCU – and as Hayley Atwell is going to appear in Age of Ultron, what has happened in the show may tie in with the film too. I wasn’t expecting a huge resolution at the end of the season; I think it tied up what has happened so far nicely and it leaves it open to further expansion in potential future seasons.

    Anyway, enjoyed listening to your Agent Carter episode reviews and am looking forward to getting back into Agents of SHIELD with you guys!

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